Rio Vista Olives

Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil


From humble, yet passionate beginnings in 1996, Rio Vista Olives has been expertly crafting premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We have 5 Single Varietal EVOO for you to choose from. 

WA Mission - An EVOO on a Mission. Warm fragrant red apple, fig leaves, nashi pear and Witlof with Thyme and hints of Dark Chocolate Spice.

Correggiola An elegant combination of mint and tropical fruits, crisp apple and velvety green tomato. Diverse palate with Black Pepper to finish. 2019 Harvest

Signore - Summer EVOO of stone fruit, tomato vines and subtle melon and green salad. A true Italian Style Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Nevadillo - A complete journey of flavour. Tomato, Guava and Garden herbs with a touch of citrus lemon, developing into a lavish palate of greens and swirl of green chili.

Koroneiki - Recently Awarded the Australian International Olive Awards 2019 Champion Greek Varietal, this Koroneiki is in a class if its own. An exotic oil with herbaceous tones, lemon zest, apple blossom and basil finishing with rocket pepper flavours.

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